Hello UP Community!

Mikolaj New Member Posts: 6
My name's Nick, I am a high school student from Poland.
I'm interested with physics and math (doesn't mean I'm good at them). My hobby's robotics.
After making myself a littlebit familliar with the Raspberry Pi board I came to a conclusion that it's power will be insufficient for what I wanted to use it for.
I was also looking for a stereoscopic 3D camera with IR to my project, so I found Intel RealSense cameras. It appears that they're still low-res cameras - gonna be waiting for some newer models. At least 1080p IR (night vision).
And of course I know I could use a PC to process all data but I think it will be more interesting with a small, powerful PC onboard a robot.
So it seems that everything led to the Intel RDK and to the UP boards.
And here I am... With a couple of questions to you.

Glad to be here!
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