UP2 Doesnt recognize the OS installed

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Hello all

One of our UP2 suddenly stops recognizing the OS installed on the board and goes directly to the BIOS after a shutdown (Img 1). I have made multiple test and the problem doesn't happen if I reboot the computer with small periods of time, such as 10 minutes between the shutdowns. The problem does happen when I leave the board without power for a couple of days. I have disconnected the battery for a couple of minutes and the problem doesn't happen, so I don't believe the battery is causing the problem.

The UP2 is installed in one of our equipment with Ubuntu 16.04 and the kernel given by AAEON so we can use the GPIOs. Ubuntu is installed as UEFI, not as legacy. The BIOS version I believe is 2.18

The board is useless for us since it cannot be installed in one of our products and we require a permanent solution. I have read multiple post in the forum, but none have the permanent solution that I am looking for.

The problem can be momentarily fixed by connecting a keyboard to the PC and entering the BIOS. Then go to Boot and select UEFI Hard Drive Disk Drive BBS Priorities and select the option with Ubuntu (See Img 2). Sometimes this option wont show up and you have to change the boot option priorities and make the Hard Disk the Boot Option #1 and then reboot the board (Img 3)

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    Can you please provide the exact product you bought?

    Also, what is the version of the BIOS installed in your system? 2.18 is not the BIOS version, you can check once in the BIOS menu it should be something like BIOS XXXX R4.6

    what is the power supply used, is there any other device connected to it?

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