Does the UP Board UEFI BIOS version UPC1DM15 - have 32-bit BIOS?

Zach HershbergerZach Hershberger New Member Posts: 5

I am having trouble because I am running a Windows 10 32-bit OS and I just received new UP boards that have a 64-bit BIOS. I am currently unable to load my image or change the BIOS to 32-bit.

The problem is the new boards came with UPC1DM15 which from what I can tell is only 64-bit. I tried to downgrade to the old 32-bit BIOS (UPC1BM0X) I was flashing my systems (which is working on my original systems).

Whenever I try to run the go_64_32.nsh I get the following error: "4 - Error: ROM file ROMID is not compatible with existing BIOS ROMID." Which is most likely since I am attempting to downgrade the BIOS.

Anyone have a 32-Bit UPC1DM15 BIOS?

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