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Gilisoft video Converter

dehida New Member Posts: 3

Gilisoft Video Editor is also responsible for cutting video length, merging videos, or breaking them into several video files (all in one work). In addition, screenshots of the video can be saved in PNG, JPG, and BMP formats. Finally, it’s worth noting that audio can be shared, merged, and trimmed, as well. Even though the start screen directs you to distinct tiles, the capabilities of Gilisoft Video Editor are related to cropping and image editing, video trimming, watermarking, and audio introduction.

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In addition, there are application modules for all the other possibilities. As it turns out, each module has a simple video player that displays all updates to the videos and interacts with the specific capabilities of the chosen module. With features like video cut, batch cut, join video, video split, reverse video, video enhancement, video to gif, collage(split screen), video compression(resizing), adding a watermark(s), removing watermark(s), adding subtitle(s), adding text to video(s), adding audio(s), adjusting speed(fast motion), cropping, rotating, mirroring, and many more, Gilisoft Video Editor is one of the easiest yet most potent video editing programs available.

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