DIO cpp cannot be deleted.

Chris Botha
Chris Botha New Member Posts: 48
The original c++ SDK for DIO cannot be deleted from both machines it is installed on currently.

In both cases the code was loaded in VS15 and run (not on the UP),
I assume it was loaded into memory at that time, and locked since then.

The error reported by windows is the process is locked on file SVCLO64.SYS -OR-
file is in use by another program.

Nothing I can do can unlock this file, (located in the release folder of the SDK) not even booting into safe mode, or using UNLOCKER.
Every other file can be deleted except for SVCLO64.SYS.

A folder called ipch with subfolder DIO-4f1f0326 was created, containing a file DIO-a29a96a2.ipch, 75mb in size.

Steps taken to try delete it include booting to safe mode then manually killing all services in service manager that are not absolutely required by windows.
I see nothing that inst regular windows using it.

Please explain what its doing, and how to get rid of it?


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