No boot with enabled MIPI and 7" touchscreen from UP

Thomas Grzesitza
Thomas Grzesitza New Member Posts: 4

panel support enabled
board reformatted

get this message.

without panal support its starts normaly.


  • Korneliusz
    Korneliusz New Member Posts: 24
    Same issue here with 10.1" touchscreen from UP
  • Jonathan Kruse
    Jonathan Kruse New Member Posts: 1
    I'm using the 10.1" touch screen. I have 5 units with the touch screen kit and up board. I was able to get 2 to work, but the other 3 do not. If I reset the BIOS to default "optimal" values using the F3 key, I can boot to an external HDMI monitor. But, if I enable MIPI I get either a black screen, a black screen with an underscore, a list of error messages or some bizarre video. I'm thinking there is some phantom BIOS that is in conflict with the BIOS I'm adjusting.
  • Marcel
    Marcel New Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I don't know if its a kms or a bios problem...
    I get my panel working by changing force lit status to off in bios
    but it only works with an monitor on HDMI
    i hope someone will find a solution soon

    the system will boot on hdmi when xserver initiate the driver the panel goes on

    i hope this helps someone or it is a start to find a solution
    but this is no solution for me...

    I use the 10.1"Panel
  • Riccardo Proserpio
    Riccardo Proserpio New Member Posts: 5
    edited December 2016
    Dear Jonbkruse, can you please try to install the evaluation version of Windows, select from the Bios of Up the 10.1"W 1280x800 and let me know if the LCD is working?
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