UP Board on an PiTopCeed

Johan New Member Posts: 1
I would like to purchase an setup as below:
Pi TopCeed with the PiTop Speaker module

Up Board with active heat sink and an 502SSD shield

But the question is, does the Up Board and 502SSD shield fit in the PiTopCeed? Did somebody try? Or have suggestions to look at first?



  • Michiel Bakker
    Michiel Bakker New Member Posts: 5
    I thought that there used to be an option to download a 3D-model of the Pi-top case in case you'd want to print it yourself. However so far I have no luck finding it, let alone for the Pi-topCEED case.

    Pi2Design does provide a 3D-model of their SATA shield on the bottom of this site:

    Maybe if you can get all (or some) of the dimensions of the Pi-topCEED case you can estimate whether it'll fit? I've read it's rather compact though.
  • Kevin
    Kevin New Member Posts: 1
    I have a PiCeed and was wondering the same. I'll try and get some dimension from it if anyone with a Up could then suggest if it would fit. My main concern is with the controller board for the screen, which connects to the Pi via the GPIO pins (also providing power) and also seems to send signals about turning on/off. I have contacted Pi-Top to ask.

    Just as an aside, what spec is the minimum to run Win10? I may need to run Windows as I am possibly getting a laser cutter and that only has driving software for windows :( (currently the Ceed is being used to run a CNC router with a Pi3)
  • Michiel Bakker
    Michiel Bakker New Member Posts: 5
    The UP-board has a 3-model

    When the GPIO pins are needed for the screen of the PiCeed than the 502SSD shield would not fit I guess. But then again, would an SSD fit in the PiCeed? I guess not? Moreover, the 502SSD shield seems to use USB2, so you would be better off using the USB3OTG port for your SSD anyway (if you get the superspeed working that is).

    @smartroad, I have no experience with windows10, sorry can't help you with that. But have a look around on this forum.
  • Klaus Conrad
    Klaus Conrad New Member Posts: 2
    Sorry for the bump on this old thread, but I am really interested if anyone tried an UP Board in the CEED - I want to purchase an UP for precisely this scenario, and was hoping someone had already tried it.

    On a related note - what is the status of I2C and GPIO drivers for windows?
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