3D architectural visualization

Kassdert New Member Posts: 1

I have decided to start a construction project and I want to find a company to help me with 3D architectural visualization. I am interested to know how to find such a company with good reputation and experience in this field.


  • holledswer
    holledswer New Member Posts: 1

    Well, you can first look on the Internet, there are many companies offering such services. Then you need to contact them, find out their prices and look at their portfolio. And it is also important to clarify the timing of the work. Everything is simple enough, just need to spend some time and be attentive. By the same parameters I was looking for, so I can advise you. Find out more info about 3D architectural rendering here

  • malekmelkij
    malekmelkij New Member Posts: 1

    I usually ask friends or acquaintances if they have experience with 3D visualization companies. Then I check their work online and see what styles and quality they have. It is important that the company is experienced and can turn my ideas into reality