Amusing Battlefield 2042 Mishap Highlights Potential Jet Issues in the Game

joshbennert New Member Posts: 3

An online gamer recently shared a comical fail from Battlefield 2042, suggesting that the game's jets may not be functioning as intended by developer DICE. Despite numerous patches aimed at addressing issues, Battlefield 2042 continues to grapple with glitches.

Upon its initial release in 2021, Battlefield 2042 faced significant community criticism for lacking features considered standard for the series and for deviating from player expectations. The game was plagued with technical problems and bugs, significantly impacting its launch. Notably, a glitch allowed players to become invisible and wreak havoc. The game's aerial mechanics also suffered from glitches, as demonstrated in a recent Reddit post by Bird_Boy100.é-gratuit-c2da77f1f168és-gratuit-eb3d3edbde41é-gratuit-97bf630af6b7és-gratuit-43cfd17134e7énergie-illimités-gratuit-eb0089511ab1és-gratuit-480464892f80és-gratuit-9527ab4d765dés-d18053542614é-gratuit-e1bfd58aa064és-gratuit-88cef2f4a3dbés-gratuit-2d193433b26cés-gratuit-70e7a6662c4dées-gratuites-8fd7b0861d01és-gratuit-7253539c55f8ées-gratuit-7dcab8b9fe72é-gratuit-90e6b9c379cfé-gratuit-70edd4b3b4f9és-baffd9e8d7caés-gratuit-71b54c57a52aés-f8c97cdac35fés-gratuit-8a82eb9f0a5aèces-illimitées-gratuit-192c97367e38énergie-illimitées-gratuitement-b3425e9771bfénergie-illimitée-gratuit-33a1c4d880d9é-gratuit-9f34da36f571és-gratuit-e7181cf2cb80és-gratuit-eaba75cf0f3eés-gratuit-1e1b20e6dae0és-gratuit-9ace70680dfdénergie-illimités-80683886f228énergie-illimité-gratuit-4f0fd54ba5c6énergie-illimité-gratuit-3d03784f3b97é-6ffd9fbaedecés-b82b2119a695és-gratuit-a5de0fe863e0

The shared clip begins with a jet abruptly crashing into the ground. Instead of instantly exploding, the jet lands on its tip, drawing the attention of an enemy who runs over the player. Surprisingly, the jet takes off into the air once again. While the incident is amusing to watch, it undoubtedly presents a frustrating way to meet one's demise in the game.

As Battlefield 2042 Season 7 is scheduled to commence in March, it's evident that the game still has a few wrinkles to smooth out. Despite the glitches, Battlefield aerial combat clips have always been captivating, showcasing remarkable feats that often seem impossible. Whether it's an unintentional mishap or an extraordinary stunt, these moments contribute to the unique and thrilling experience of Battlefield 2042 that every player should aim to encounter at least once.