Performance Issues with Intel Evo Laptop

adamsmithad New Member Posts: 7

Hello everyone,

I'm encountering some performance-related issues with my Intel Evo laptop. Despite its reputation for delivering a premium experience, I'm experiencing difficulties while trying to perform certain tasks. Specifically, I'm having trouble with gaming performance and the Zoom app.

For gaming, I'm experiencing frustrating performance issues that are impacting my gameplay. I'm wondering if there are any recommended settings or tweaks within the Intel Evo laptop that could enhance gaming performance. Are there any known compatibility issues or driver conflicts that could be causing the game performance problems?

Regarding the Zoom app, whenever I launch it, it immediately consumes 100% of my CPU resources, causing significant performance degradation and system slowdowns. I have tried reinstalling the Zoom app, updating to the latest version, and adjusting various settings, but the issue persists. It seems to be a specific problem with the Zoom app's compatibility with Intel Evo laptops.

I have tried updating my laptop drivers and keeping my operating system updated with the latest patches and security updates, but the issues persist. I'm hoping that someone here might have some insights or suggestions to help me resolve these problems.

If you have encountered similar issues in the past or have any expertise in troubleshooting performance issues on Intel Evo laptops, please share your insights. I'm open to any advice or recommendations you can provide.

Thank you so much for your help and support!


  • Fifichang853
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