How are the serial ports on the Up Xtreme i11 wired?


I am getting a bit confused about the wiring of the serial ports COM1 (CN28) and COM2 (CN29).

The User's Manual up_xtreme_i11_upx-tgl01_manual_1st_ed_0615_1.pdf, section 2.3.20, shows pins 1 to 9 used, with pin 10 as NC. The ordering of pins 1 to 9 matches that of a standard DB9 RS232 connector.

But the datasheet for the recommended FWAA-1375 serial cable 170x000255_fwaa-1375.pdf shows all the pins reversed. Pin 10 on COM1 goes to pin 1 of the DB9, Pin 9 of COM1 goes to pin 2 of the DB9, and so on. Pin 1 of COM1 is not used.

Does anyone know how it should be wired?

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  • SimonB
    SimonB New Member Posts: 5

    I have tried plugging in the cable. Sure enough, the little triangle that marks pin 1 on the plug is at the opposite end to the triangle printed on the board.
    That explains it.

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