Coral PCIe Board Problems with UpSq6000

TimP New Member Posts: 11

Problem 1/ On a two coral device only one is recognised -

lspci -nn | grep 089a

02:00.0 System peripheral [0880]: Global Unichip Corp. Coral Edge TPU [1ac1:089a]
I expect that is just all that interface on the board can support so no fix possible BUT can't even get a single unit to work
Problem 2/ The Apex/Gasket system seems not to function on the device as expected:

ls /dev/apex_0

ls: cannot access '/dev/apex_0': No such file or directory


  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin

    Hello @TimP

    We don't provide official support for Coral module but we have tested the single TPU MiniPCIe module and it works correctly on our UP Squared following the tutorials available online from Coral.

    We haven't tested the M.2 modules, but we expect that the Single TPU might work, but we cannot confirm officially as we don't have such module.

    The dual TPU module cannot work as it requires 2 separate PCIe lanes on the M.2 2230 slot, while all our products have only 1 PCIe lane available. As we don't have such module we don't know that could affect the correct functionality of the driver with our systems.

  • TimP
    TimP New Member Posts: 11

    OK Thanks - i am trying Hailo now

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