Have blue power light, no HDMI, no ethernet status lights

kanisorn New Member Posts: 2

I've used up the board to make ROV. At first, it was working normally, able to ping between ground control and the vehicle that uses intel up board but after I will bring it out to improve the code by I have plugged the screen through HDMI to check the code easily, but it shows no signal but normally it can be done. And when I try to ping to find the board, the board doesn't reply. I tried checking the USB by plugging in the mouse but no power to my mouse, no ethernet status lights, But the blue power light comes on fan spins.

I tried following this link


but nothing changed.

Does anyone know what is causing this or is there a way to fix it? I'm sure no water gets into this board. I have tested it many times, no problem. But there was a problem in this round that made it impossible to continue the work.

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