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ricky89ricky89 New Member Posts: 3

I would like to buy your products I am Italian and would like to buy them in Italy?
How can I do?
I would like to create a super computer a mini pc I can put together these 3 hardware including:
1) empower deep learning with 3x Intel® Movidius ™ Myriad X VPU and add lates Intel ATOM x5 Quad core and 8GB RAM.
2) artificial intelligence with Intel Cyclone 10Gx FPGA and add the latest Intel ATOM x5 Quad core and 8 GB RAM.
3) UP core Plus version is it possible to insert a 2.5 Inch Hard Disk?
Final: I would like these socs with Quad core processor with integrated GPU, with Myriad X VPU and with FPGA Cyclone 10Gx is 8GB of RAM memory.
I would like to know can I put them together creating a super computer?
Thank you and I await answers.

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