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Acceptable range of power input on 5V power jack



We've been having problems with our Up Squared boards locking up after being left on for long periods (1-2 days), and are trying to diagnose if it's a problem with the power supply we're using (a Mean Well RD-85A). I was wondering if there was any info on what range of jitter is acceptable on the 5V power jack, or how far above or below 5V the the supply can go, so I can know what to look for while testing the supply. I looked through the specifications but couldn't find anything. Thanks!


  • HCtrl
    HCtrl New Member Posts: 2

    Hello Tallen,

    I was also having some problems with the power. I had to reduce the cable length because it was producing a voltage decrease. How much, I don't know but, for the experiences that I've made, I think you can go arround 4,2V and 6,5V.

  • tallen
    tallen New Member Posts: 4

    Thanks! Our supply is very stable at 5V with no more than 240mV ripple, so it looks like we've got a different problem.

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