Bios version UPA1AM40

xauser New Member Posts: 3


I just wanted to update my UP Squared bios and am confused. Please help me to get this right.

  • Wiki (Bios update) link to UP Squared bios download is dead
  • Bios release notes of UPA1AM40 say that one has to update to UPA1AM39_FPT and then to UPA1AM40. (By the way what does _FPT mean?)
  • Bios Download page for UPA1AM40 says that coming from 1.3, first update to 1.8

My UP Squared is on UPA1AM18. My upgrade path would look like this UPA1AM18 -> UPA1AM39_FPT -> UPA1AM40

I can't find UPA1AM39_FPT anywhere in the download section.

please let me know how to proceed, thanks


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