Up Board don't recognize eMMC.


I have an purchased 1 UP gateway, ATOM x5-Z8350.w/4G memory,32G eMMC board.w/ VESA plate. I have use the board for max 60 hours and then i stored the board in the box. When i try to power it up again after 5 months the board was stuck in a constant loop (black screen, up board screen, reboot). When i tried to investigate the incident, i went into bios and at the boot section didn't find the eMMC there was no boot option available. At the South/ North bridge i see that the board have 4G of ram but at the section when it should see the eMMC is says NOT INSTALLED / DISABLED.

I have update the bios with the latest version but the problem continue to exist.

Any idea how to fix it?



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