Adafruit 5 inch HDMI screen does not work with newer upboards, suspect due to newer BIOS

JOSHUA SIRKIN New Member Posts: 17
edited October 2018 in UP board BIOS

Hi, I was wondering if anything has changed in the upboards recently, potentially in BIOS default settings that might affect the HDMI port. I have 5inch touchscreen displays from adafruit that use just and hdmi port and an usb cable to hook up to the up board. This combo has always worked in the past on multiple systems. I just bought a new batch of upboards and none of them work with the monitors now. I can't see post or bios on the screen if I boot the upboard with the system booted up, but it does fully boot up. However, if I boot the system with a different monitor, and then after bootup switch to the adafruit monitor, it works fine as a monitor with touchscreen. Is there anything I can try changing in the bios to fix this behavior, or should I try downgrading the BIOS?

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