[SOLVED] "unsupported" Centos Installation - Questions

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Good Day

Looking for assistance in the installation of Centos 7 on UB2. First off I realized full well that Centos is not "supported" but we discovered that after the fact of purchase (do your homework right).

We have an application that was designed for Centos (ideally 7), and would like to install on a device with a small foot print. Had no luck with the PI and then the application is unfriendly in a docker installation.

I was able to install centos on an external USB (internal eMMC drives not visible), 2 x network cards connecting but the server seems extreemly slow, as I type this much of it could be related to the USB access speed and or network duplex mismatch,

Have any of you entered into this area and had success?

Thanks in advance


  • skidmoreskidmore Posts: 3New Member

    Actually figured it out.

    A new version of Centos 7 will recognize the eMMC drives and you can install to them.

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    Hi @skidmore,

    Is that discussion closed, then?

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    Yes thanks you can close this one off.

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