Up Board to RPi camera adapter

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Hello everyone,

I really need to use the CSI interface on the UP Board. I know that the board is not compatble with RPi cameras, due to the pinout. However, I wonder if an adapter can be engineered.

Which are the drawbacks of this approach? Is the MIPI CSI on the UP Board standard? I expect to leave unconnected the pins CAM_MCLK, CAM_RST_N and FLASH_RST_N.

Thank you



  • fclad_nfclad_n Posts: 2New Member

    The Raspberry Pi camera is based on the chip IMX219.

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    Hi @fclad_n ,

    Sorry, but tUP camera interface is MIPI-CSI2 (2-lane) is currently only supported on Windows.

    A new compatible camera will be available for Linux soon for the UP shop.
    In this moment, for Linux, you can use any USB or Ethernet cameras.


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