[SOLVED] Available camera choices

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I'd really like to make use of MIPI CSI-2 interface for the camera on the up board but this seems pretty problematic. I seem mention of the Chicony camera but I don't see any place to actually buy one. The Intel Realsense camera looks like it needs both the USB and CSI interface. Is that really all the choices available?


  • DCleri
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    A compatible camera will be available soon from the UP Shop, but due to the lack of Linux drivers, it will work only on Windows.

    We will keep you posted once the camera will be also working for Linux.

    The Intel Realsense is only USB3.0.

    Alternatively you can buy any USB2.0 or USB3.0 or IP/Ethernet cameras and they will work both on Windows and Linux.

  • AlexZaff
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    I might help you with MIPI-CSI camera on linux. Please contact me (via Private Message).

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  • mjcoss
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    I still don't see on UP Shop a MIPI CSI based camera. I did find a camera that is supported by the Intel Joule and was wonder if anyone might know if the MIPI interface/connector used on the Joule is the same as the upboard.

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