UpBoard | *nux | systemctl suspend hangs the system afterr epeated attempts

Lahire New Member Posts: 1

Using an UpBoard we encountered an interesting issue while using Ubuntu and Ubilinux.

While investigating suspension methods on the system, i created a simple script that waits two minutes and then goes to suspend with systemctl in a loop. I resume the system pressing the power button (and sometimes with keyboard), but after N attemps (sometimes after hours, sometimes after minutes), the system is frozen and there is no way to resume, just turning the power off.

I did investigate further: no high cpu use, no ram issues, no errors in /var/log/messages or dmesg or xorg.log. And i did try with at least seven upboards (with and without the recent bios update)

My guess is that after a while the irq of acpi goes nuts and is disabled, but there is no way of knowing (nothing in the kernel notifies that the irq is wrong or somehting like that)

Any known issues? or any idea of what shall i investigate?


the script goes something like this
while true
sleep 60
systemctl suspend #also did try rtcwake -m freeze -s 10
sleep 60
echo "next"


  • ccalde
    ccalde New Member Posts: 348 ✭✭✭

    Hi @Lahire ,

    Did you get a solution for that issue??

    I experimented some problems also restarting the board. Sometimes after few reboots, sometimes after more than 100 reboots...
    Also for Ubuntu and Ubilinux.

    You could test your script using a FTDI connector to the UART in the pin header of your UP board.
    There, you will get more information, in my case about the i915 driver.


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