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Have any of you (or AAEON) found a solution for 7" or 10" display with touch?

Drivers for Win10?

I understand there is a HDMI port but carrying a 17KG television/monitor is pretty against the concept of a small form factor/low powered product! Will there be any development on this? Sort of the same idea as the Latte Panda IPS/Touch display combo?

Note for Engineers/freelancers:
We are looking at integrating a display & touch with a small footprint and effectively working under a Windows 10 environment. Ideally using widely available 1024x IPS display available for tablet (e.g. Chuwi, etc). We are not interested in the solution offered on the UP store which include a whole bunch of additional hardware and multiple ribbons/connectors. Less is More! Therefore if any of you engineers have a solution, please PM me



  • Maarten
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    I am using this screen with HDMI with the Up Core:

    The touch interface connects via USB (as well as the power). It requires no drivers, though it does not work perfectly. It's not as accurate as smartphones and tablets. The touch also does not work fully towards the edges (like 5% from the edge). I can't close a window in Windows (can't touch the X) if the X is in the top right corner for example.
    The quality also is not great (a little grainy) and probably TN not IPS. Colors are not perfect (leaning towards blue).
    The image is sharp though.

    GearBest also has 1024x600 7 inch variants:
    (I don't know the exact difference between those 3)

    Good luck :)
  • GTC
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    Thanks for proposing some options. Reasonably priced.

    However I have no idea why those manufacturers think that inputs (hdmi/usb) should be placed on the edge of their units. As in; how are we supposed to have something half-decent looking if all kind of cabling is sticking out the screen's side bezel?!

    Those displays are perfectly fine for the hidden test lab in the basement, but designing commercial products with what's available on the market is simply impossible. Hence why I was asking for a 'semi-professional' display option(s).

    In perspective, look at what these folks did for their SBC (LattePanda); it just can't get any simpler and look amazingly professional and tidy. One simple ribbon and off you go. So much less to vibrate and/or to go wrong. Why is Up Core/board unable to provide something similar?


    Who do we have to talk with to get something like this developed? You guys have any contacts in Shenzhen? plenty of tablet display/touch manufacturers there that could rig something for Up Core quite elegantly I'm sure.

    Grateful for any advice
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    That is what the backside of the display looks like. It is literally 3mm thick. Add the 2mm touch overlay and you end up with a professional product that we (a customer) can actually use 'safely'. Clean!


    We'd be interested to use the Up Core but without any display options, it is a dead end for us. Sure many other product designers are thinking the same :/
  • Maarten
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    A USB cable is just 2 cables for power and optionally 2 extra cables for data (so max 4). HDMI is has a little more. But one thing you can always do remove the connectors and just solder cables on to it.

    I want to try and use my Up Core for creating a portable Windows 10 pocket computer and Game Boy in one. One thing Game Boy makers (like on Sudomod) struggle is the screen. They buy these screens from Amazon with separate controller boards. Controller boards are always the bottleneck.
    That's the advantage of the screen I linked. They have those boards on the back and are relatively flat. Plus it has digital to analog conversion (it takes the HDMI signal and converts it to analog).
    Not all controllers have this. So apart from the controller board you have to have another board to do this.

    The screen you link looks clean. Insane price for an IPS monitor. I assume the controller board is integrated in the display. What I don't get is that it is an IPS diplay (so good rich colors) but at the same time the connection is analog. Isn't that often limited to 6 bit color?

    If you want an other display output besides HDMI you should've bought the original Up Board or other micro computer I guess. For the Up Core you need to convert the HDMI signal.

    You can also look at these though they might not be as good as the IPS display you posted. And you can't also connect them directly to an Up Core.
  • GTC
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    Thanks for the tips.

    Unfortunately wiggly usb and power cables everywhere is not the best approach (for us anyway). Again, sort of okay for a desktop prototyping setup, but not for a mobile/handheld commercial product (e.g. spf; vibrations and dynamic forces on the connector pads, gravity, etc etc). We'd be looking at a failed product line within 6 months.

    We spoke to a mfg of similar IPS display recently to be told as you've guessed already. Controller is indeed built-in the display leaving you with a clean and safe assembly. Once the Up Core have been finalized and fully developed (driver issues), we might get back to this display business and get that mfg to interface the signals and logic for us.

    ps: That same mfg have a new ips display model in the making with built-in touch (1pc), apparently. Making this very attractive for professional use! We'll see...

    In the meantime if you come across something half-decent, or if anyone knows of an experienced manufacturer, please post or get in touch with me

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