No thermal values?

fnoop New Member Posts: 28
Hi, /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp reads 0 all the time. Is there a way of getting temperatures from the OS?


  • fnoop
    fnoop New Member Posts: 28
    Turns out this is a BIOS configuration problem, nothing to do with Ubilinux.

    So on the Up Core, the thermal stuff is disabled by default. To enable, go into the BIOS as administrator (enter upassw0rd for the password), go down to CRB Setup in Main tab, -> CRB Advanced -> CPU Configuration -> CPU Thermal Configuration -> DTS -> Enabled.
    Then go back up to CRB Advanced menu -> Thermal -> Thermal Configuration -> DPTF -> Enabled.

    Reboot, now you get more thermal zones with temps in /sys/class/thermal with actual temp readings. No idea why this isn't enabled by default, or why it's hidden behind admin menus. I would have thought knowing your temperatures is a good thing.
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