I am so unhappy with my up board

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I have installed windows 10 and i got almost every restart a bluescreen.
Page_Fault in non Paged area (this usualy is typical for a RAM failure, but the RAM test was okay)
I have disabled all I2C SDI and GPIO ports... the board doesn´t come up anymore.
I think its not very good engeneered in terms of the bios... RAM timing emmc timing and problems with GPIO controll.

Any suggesteions what should i do now... cause the board doesnt come up anymore... do i realy need to disconnect the bios battery to reset the bios... thats bad cause its already mounted within a case.

So far i must say i am very disapointed with that board....never had such an instabil running board.
PSU is 5 Volt 4 Ampere.
Connected devices non expect for a cherry keyboard.

Thats my used board: UP-CHT01-A10-0464

Finaly i see a POST wich hangs at POST CODE 92.
I tryed to boot from a windows 10 installation USB Stick...no luck....
Trying to boot from the emmc no luck....

Tryed a bios update.... copyed the EFI files on a usb stick...screen wents black after POST.
Voltage readings are solid 5 Volt...

Found out, that when i disable tpm the board will not boot....lol
Now i have installed Windows 10 again....lets wait for the next bluescreen....
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