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FPGA LVDS ports count on exHAT

Hi All,

1-Does anyone knows if the UP squared board support 12 or 16 pin LVDS?
2-They said the exHAT is all connected to the FPGA, Any idea if it supports more than just 8 LVDS connection?
3-What is the max speed supported by LVDS?
4-What is the fastest communication protocol available between the FPGA and the Processor?
5-If I need to transfer the LVDS data from the exHAT to the ethernet, what is the fastest communication sequence you have?
6-Where could I get the pinout of the exHAT and how is it connected the CPU so I know what configuration should I do for the FPGA?
7-Could anybody provides a connection block diagram of the board that has the main chips along with their connection between them so we can read the specification of every pin and configures the firmware as it fits our need? no need for schematics, just the data connection between parts since this board is not open source.

Thanks a lot
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