Installing Marshmallow on an UP board

Phil New Member Posts: 10
Hi, I know this has probably been asked before but I need this solved quickly. I downloaded the Android Install info from the UP community but it tells me NOT to use GPT. However, my board will only allow GPT!. So, I was wondering if any one knows how to install the OS using GPT. Any help will be gladly received


  • Phil
    Phil New Member Posts: 10
    I have just installed Marshmallow on an UP board. It was a bit of a fudge as the installation instructions didn't work! I ended up using GPT and writing over the Microsoft Reserved partition - I am never going to use Microsoft on the board. I couldn't see any other way of doing it!
    The board arrived partitioned up using GPT P1 Microsoft Reserved - huge chunk of memory and P2 Microsoft Basic Data - huge chunk.
    If anyone out there can tell me a better way please do
  • David Rolfe
    David Rolfe New Member Posts: 98

    Another thread asking about installing Android on an UP board has now been closed, with a comment that the answer could be found here.

    However, although it appears that GPT should be used, the install instructions apparently say that it shouldn't, although the OP states that this is the only option allowed.

    This is now becoming slightly confusing to me, and some further clarification would therefore be appreciated.

  • DCleri
    DCleri Administrator, AAEON Posts: 1,213 admin
    edited August 2017
    Hi Montala,

    We closed one topic because the same user opened 2 threads for the same discussion and he provided his solution only on 1 of those.
    To avoid confusion we pointed out where he published the resolution and closed the other topic.

    We will look into the feedback provided by you and the others to update our documentation.

    Thanks again for your input!
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