Windows SDK is a joke !

Bruno New Member Posts: 2

The Windows SDk is just a shame !
There is no Windows 10 driver to access directly to hadware (GPIO, PWM,...).
We need to use the aaeon "SDK". A real joke !
After 24 year of programming, I never see a SDK like that !
This is just a VS sample with no documentation and missing files !
The EAPIStatusCode.h included in the aaeonEAPI.h header is missing !
The aaeonEAPI fail systematicly when calling EApiLibInitialize.

No support for Windows IOT (but specified at the begining in the documentation and removed recently)

I can't use my borad for my project.
I regret my purchase

If you want make a success never forgot Software developers !


  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    Hi Mitch,

    We are regret to hear your experience in Windows SDK on UP board.
    We will collect all feedback and see how we can improve the documentation.

    About IoT Core support, we removed it since last year Feb. after our meeting with Microsoft. If there was some old document which was not updated, we apologize for the mistake.

    Indeed, we still have many improvement to do in Windows support, and we will keep working on it.
  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller New Member Posts: 95
    One thing to keep in mind, Windows 10 was never really designed for these kind of low level control of gpio and communication busses. Linux has had quite a head start on Win 10 in this respect.
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