Passive Cooler and Active Cooler for UP board

Martin Mayr
Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54

I have previously order a up board with passive cooler and it comes with a passive cooler on top and a metal frame on bottom of the circuit.
Later I changed to an active cooler version by changing the upper cooler against an upper cooler with fan.

Now I ordered some more boards and I took one with active cooler , but I received a board without the cooler frame on bottom of the board !?

Is this normal ?

Because all my fixation is made for the bottom side metal frame now ... Does that mean I can't get the active fan cooler with the same fixation through the bottom metal frame ???

Surprising ! Or is this just a missing part on my latest ordered UP board ? (C17414186)

I think the passive frame on the bottom side is anyway required even with the fan cooler on top ? Because the changing procedure doesn't say to remove the bottom metal frame when changing to an active cooler ... !

I would greatly appreaciate a response per email to on how to get the passive metal frame for the bottom side of the Up board ???

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  • Fabrizio
    Fabrizio Guest Posts: 123

    the boards with cooler don't come with the bottom plate
    Actually you can remove the bottom plate also in the passive board; it's more a protection shield than an heatsink ( we made test and there is no big difference on thermal profile if you remove it)

    We can try to provide you the shield of you need it but we have MOQ

  • Martin Mayr
    Martin Mayr New Member Posts: 54
    Thanks for the information - now the next question is: will further orders when ordered with the Passive back plane come with this bottom side frame or do I have to adapt my hardware to use other fixation holes in the future ?
  • Aling
    Aling Guest Posts: 561 admin
    The product will be exactly the same as your order today except you go for a custom SKU.
    In the standard version, the passive heatsink always comes with a bottom plate.
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