UP Squared suddently doesn't start any more

Sven New Member Posts: 3
Hi there,

I have a UP² Pentium with 8GB RAM and 64GB eMMC and I had Ubuntu Linux installed on it without any issues.
I also used an SATA HDD for data storage.
After receiving the housing and installing the housing, the UPsquared suddently doesn't start any more.
The fan doesn't move and it used to run right after power was connected.
The strange thing is, that all the LEDs on the board are illuminated, also the yellow LED of the network connectors.
Does anybody know how to solve this issue?
What is wrong with my board?
Why doesn't even the BIOS start?

I just noticed, that I see different behavious after connecting to power.
Sometimes the blue LED next to the power connector doesn't light up, while all the others are on.
In this case also the yellow LEDs of the network connectors are off.

Best Regards,


  • Martin
    Martin New Member Posts: 11
    edited June 2017
    Hello Sven,
    When I today received ABS case I encountered the same problem. I changed cooler screws with case screws and when connected to power the fan didn't start and blue LED next to power connector didn't light up either.
    Eventually I found out that the screws that hold cooler and case together were too tight. When I loosened them up a little, everything was suddenly ok.

  • Sven
    Sven New Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for this usefull hint!
    I lossened the screws and now everything works just fine, again.

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